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Hello world, I am Bram. 
Bram Balvers
I was born in the Eutropolis in a city named Maastricht. My father is Irish and my mother is Dutch. I have a BSc in Science, I studied Communication and Multimedia Design at the Maastricht Academy for Media Design & Technology. 
During my years as a creative, I grew into the role of a communication specialist who is able to identify needs and translate these needs into (interactive) media solutions with human-centred design as the starting point. I can help you research, innovate and design, and I can do this with empathic skills, ambition, passion and creativity. I am very comfortable delegating, taking feedback and interact with clients and internal staff alike. In addition to creating beautiful media, I know how to explain design concepts and the decisions behind my work.
 I love to visualise information and share my emotions through different media. I also have a strong belief that great communication has the responsibility to not only give to the economic market but also to the social fabric of society where possible. So rather than just bringing brands to life, I can help play a key role in what goes into a brands unique style and voice. 
As a Digital Performance Consultant (SEO - UX - UI - Creative) I've worked for..
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